The World’s Most Expensive & Classiest Ladies Shoes
Debbie Wingham Stilettos – $14,8 million

The British designer Debbie Wingham once created the world’s most expensive cake ($61.3 million) and world’s most expensive dress ($13 million); so it is not surprising a wealthy (unnaned) family asked her to design an extravagant pair of shoes as a birthday gift. The handmade stiletto shoes are made from leather with a 24K gold coating, stitched together with 18K gold thread.
The pink and blue diamonds’s on the stilettos are extremely rare and large, costing about $11 million alone. To add to the value and extravagance of the shoes, four flawless three carat white diamonds and 1,000 pointer diamonds are used to emphasized the cake-like design of the shoes. The zips and plaques underneath the shoes are solid gold.

Debbie Wingham

Debbie known today as one of the world’s most expensive designers, mum of 3 and bestselling author started out her fashion career at the age of 13, working on school produtions in the wardrobe department. This is where the story begins.
Her mother a skilled seamstress passed down her craft to her daughter and coupled with Debbie’s keen eye for detail, her own unique creations were born. by the age of 18, Debbie moved from her humble South Yorkshire roots to London with ambition and plans to start her fashion empire.
The self-taught designer started her trading at Greenwich market and then opened her own boutique in Hoxton. A year later she made the jump from east to west and opened a showroom on the uber chick Kings Road.